Ororon Map

These are individual illustrated maps for each of the 8 municipalities in the Rumoi area, as well as the islands Teuri and Yagishiri.
These hand-illustrated maps of each municipality in the Rumoi area were planned and published by the Rumoi Federated Board of Tourism. A map of each of the 8 municipalities and a combined map for the islands Teuri and Yagishiri, make a total of 9 maps. The boards of tourism for each municipality distribute these maps throughout their respective region. You can connect the Ororon Maps to create a single (3 meter) map of Rumoi Sub-prefecture.

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2018 Edition [ver.8]

Teshio Town

Ororon Map Teshio
(A3 PDF 6.2MB)


2018 Edition [ver.8]

Embetsu Town

Ororon Map Embetsu
(A3 PDF 3.9MB)


2018 Edition [ver.8]

Shosanbetsu Village

Ororon Map Shosanbetsu
(A3 PDF 3.0MB)


2018 Edition [ver.8]

Haobor Town

Ororon Map Haboro
(A3 PDF 3.7MB)

Teuri, Yagishiri

2018 Edition [ver.8]

Teuri Island, Yagishiri Island

Ororon Map Teuri, Yagishiri
(A3 PDF 4.3MB)


2018 Edition [ver.8]

Tomamae Town

Ororon Map Tomamae
(A3 PDF 3.6MB)


2018 Edition [ver.8]

Obira Town

Ororon Map
(A3 PDF 3.8MB)


2018 Edition [ver.8]

Rumoi City

Ororon Map Rumoi
(A3 PDF 6.3MB)


2018 Edition [ver.8]

Mashike Town

Ororon Map Mashike
(A3 PDF 3.9MB)

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